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Getting calls from debt collectors?

I am disturbed to hear lots of horror stories about the illegal actions of many debt collectors.

These days many good people are feeling the weight of financial problems and economic calamity.

Good jobs are hard to find and people are finding themselves in debt, making it real tough.

To add insult to injury some bill collectors have become more aggressive and harrasive.

Laws designed to protect consumers from such behavior are being violated on a daily basis, and that is totally unacceptable.

If you have been threatened, give me a call.

It is a good idea to make a note of every phone call so that you can document who called, when they called, what they said,  and how it made you feel.

There are laws designed to protect you, the consumer, and to provide you financial compensation for your emotional distress.

Help put an end to the practices of these law breakers by taking legal action.

I can help you.

Protecting your legal rights can be done without costing ou any money out of your pocket.

Make them pay for violating the law and causing you and your family distress and heartache and fear.

Those bill collectors are not above the law and have no business practicing vigilante tactics on good, decent people


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