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Fire Power Can Kill in Any Form

Who would think to rearm a grenade with kids around is totally baffling. A young boy was seriously injured due to someone’s stupidity.

Fire power is best left for wars, not as souvenirs kicking around someone’s house. While many people may indeed have old guns, pieces of shrapnel, bullets and other mementoes of serving in the Armed Forces, they need to be locked up safely and out of the reach of children. In this case that New Hampshire personal injury lawyer Charlie Donahue heard about, someone had the stupidity to take a WW II hand grenade and rearm it. What on earth was that person thinking?

Aside from the fact that it obviously took a remarkable lack of brain cells to do something like that, a 9-year-old boy was seriously injured when it exploded in his hand. The young boy had a lighter in one hand and the rearmed hand grenade in the other. Being a child, he was playing, as children do, and touched the grenade with the lighter. It detonated.

Not only was the child critically injured, shrapnel flew through pretty much the whole house. It was not a small blast by any means. The 9-year-old was listed in critical condition when he arrived at the hospital. The responding police officers were stunned, to say the least, that some moron in the family had taken an empty grenade and armed it with a detonating device, and then used it for a paperweight.

Once the police investigation is done, they hope to identify the person who armed the WW II memento. Whoever the person turns out to be, they’re likely going to wish they’d never done something so completely idiotic. Stupidity certainly prompts some people to do very weird things at times. Even if the idea of having an armed grenade as a paperweight was intended as a joke, it showed incredible lack of foresight and intelligence.

To say that the 9-year old’s family would have a good personal injury lawsuit here would be a slight understatement. The whole premise of personal injury law is based on – but for the negligence of another – this critical accident would not have happened. This case definitely involves reckless negligence.

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