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Drunk Driver Causes two Crashes Reports New Hampshire Injury Lawyer

A New Hampshire woman managed to be the cause of two car collisions within a twenty minute period. Tough act to follow.

“This doesn’t happen often, which is good thing,” pointed out Charlie Donahue, a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer located in Keene. Donahue handles injury cases in New Hampshire and across the United States. “But when it does happen, the consequences often range from serious to deadly.”

In this reported case, a New Hampshire woman was charged with driving while intoxicated and conduct after an accident after she was involved in two car wrecks, within 20 minutes of one another. This not only defies all reasonable logic, it is not something anyone would take pride in either.

“Evidently, the 67-year-old woman was first involved in a hit and run accident on I-95 near Portsmouth. The second accident involved a roll over after the woman’s SUV side swiped another vehicle. The police were busy that day and the woman can expect to spend some time contemplating her less than smart choice to drink and drive while she is facing charges,” added Donahue.

The two victims in these cases would want to find out what their legal options were in regard to getting compensation for their injuries and understand what legal rights they had. For this, they would need to consult with an experienced New Hampshire injury lawyer; one with brass knuckles who knows a thing or two about sticking up for victims of drunk drivers.

“In this reported instance, the woman will face criminal charges, but that does not mean she can’t be sued civilly for compensation. Her negligence? Drinking and driving or driving while under the influence. The evidence would typically speak for itself, meaning drunk is drunk according to a breath test, but there is generally a defense story for every case. It’s my job to take that defense story apart and demand justice for what you have gone through as a result of being involved in an accident with a drunk driver,” Donahue explained.

“Drunk drivers have no business being on the roads, but you can’t tell them that,” said Donahue. “And that is the reason why there are still drunks on the highways, weaving all over the place and getting involved in crashes. It’s a no brainer that alcohol impairs judgment. Following that line of thinking, it’s not a surprise that a drunk thinks they can drive just fine. Tell that to the victim who may never walk again. I am here to protect the victims in situations like this. Don’t hesitate to call me for help,” suggested Donahue.

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