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Driver Asleep at the Wheel Kills One and Injures Two Reports New Hampshire Injury Lawyer

In a fatal chain of errors and negligence, one dies and two are injured. This case would need an injury lawyer to ensure fair compensation for injuries.

“This case was a series of errors from start to finish; a bit like falling dominoes where one car started a chain reaction that eventually killed one and injured two others. It all started with a man driving a Ford Taurus, who drifted off to sleep behind the wheel,” said Charlie Donahue, a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer located in Keene. Donahue handles injury cases in New Hampshire and across the United States.

The man who fell asleep while driving lost control of his Taurus, causing it to drift into another lane and hit a Volkswagen Beetle. The impact killed the Taurus driver and badly injured his passenger. The passenger was taken to a hospital. The nature and extent of her injuries were not listed in the police report.

“This case just gets more bizarre by the minute, as the Volkswagen was shoved over a guardrail by the Taurus. The Jaws of Life had to be used to cut the driver out of the car. That person was also rushed to hospital. However, the injury toll had not been tallied yet when the next victim came to the attention of the ambulance crews – a highway patrol officer. He was working the scene of the crash when the ambulance rolled backwards over his legs,” Donahue said.

Despite the evident confusion of the accident scene, one thing is clear, the female passenger in the Taurus, the driver of the Volkswagen and the police officer all have a good reason for filing personal injury lawsuits as a result of this car crash. The police officer will have a workers’ compensation case and depending on the jurisdiction, he may also be able to file a suit for negligence.

“While I was not involved in this case, I certainly appreciate the fact that those that were will have a long road to recovery. The victims will need to talk to an injury lawyer and find out how to proceed to file a lawsuit claiming damages. I have seen similar cases and my advice is this: do not talk to any insurance company about anything until you have spoken with me. Insurance companies are not your friends and if you expect to get decent compensation in a settlement or in court, do not volunteer anything to an insurance adjuster. Bring any and all forms to me and we will go over them so you understand what they mean,” Donahue said.

Insurance companies want one thing in life; money. They do not want to pay full freight for any injury accident claims and as a net result, they will do everything within their power to dismiss or downplay accident claims.

“Without a lawyer, a victim can be a sitting duck and rushed into an early and cheap settlement because they don’t know any better. Don’t let that happen to you,” Donahue said.

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