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Drinking and Driving Caused Critical Injuries To 10 Year Old Reported New Hampshire Injury Lawyer

One would think a father would know better than to drink and drive, especially with his child in the car. That was not the case here.

“It is bad enough that a 10-year-old child is badly injured in a car wreck in the first place, but when it was reported that the person driving the car was the child’s father and he was drunk at the time, it is a pretty horrific revelation. Yes, everyone can make mistake and fall victim to bad judgment, but this case is an example of how something terrible may happen – even if he didn’t mean it to. Human life is precious and we all need to be careful,” said Charlie Donahue, a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer located in Keene. Donahue handles injury cases in New Hampshire and across the United States.

The young victim from New Hampshire is still struggling to recover from her injuries. Meanwhile, her father will be facing a felony drunk driving charge, as the lab tests revealed that he was well over the legal limit to drive. His Infinity SE crossed over into the opposite lane and went head-to-head with a pickup truck. This accident was so devastating that emergency responders needed to extricate all of the victims from their vehicles. The felony DUI charge will be laid due to the extremely serious nature of the injuries to the young girl.

“The police were not telling anyone what the father’s BAC was, so you can safely assume that it was above the legal limit. Police also found alcohol at the scene of the wreck. It was a shattered bottle in the trunk and there was none found in the car. However, the alcohol found onboard, was onboard the driver,” Donahue said.

The father was taken to hospital for medical treatment as a result of his injuries, as was the driver of the pickup truck, who somehow managed to survive a high speed head-on collision. The family is now left trying to pick up the pieces. “Personally speaking, I am not in favor of intra-familial lawsuits and do not promote them. However, in cases like this, it just may be the only way to get the necessary insurance payment,” Donahue said.

The mother may need to talk to an experienced New Hampshire injury lawyer about obtaining compensation for her daughter’s injuries from the father’s insurance, as typically speaking, most drivers will have insurance that covers situations such as this.

For those that have been in similar situation, make the first phone call after the crash to a competent New Hampshire injury attorney. For justice to be done, fair compensation to be awarded and peace of mind to prevail, legal counsel is essential.

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