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Donahue’s Protest Farm

Yesterday I blogged about the 4:20 protesters in Keene, N.H. I commented on some of their creative tactics, and was reminded of a few of my own.

Today a friend brought back fond memories of my protest against city hall.

It must have been 15 years ago or so when I, on behalf of Donahue Law, attempted to expand my injury law practice by adding more staff. At the time, my law practice was in a carriage house adjacent to my home on Court Street.

The municipal zoning ordinance had some weird provisions, and I was not permitted to hire more people without the permission of the City of Keene.

This was shocking to me especially when I was trying to create employment in some pretty tough times ( not as bad as they are these days, but nonetheless not good.).

Further, talk about a violation of Freedom!

Well, to make a long story short, permission was denied, and I wasn’t about to take “no” for an answer.

My Irish was up.

I researched the zoning laws and found a loop-hole which would end up bringing me all kinds of national press and publicity.

Although I was not entitled to hire more people, I could have a farm, so long as it was not a commercial venture. That day I purchased a tall cage, lots of animals including chickens, roosters, geese and a some real noisy and obnoxious birds called guinea hens.

Overnight I became a farmer with a farm right on one of Keene’s busiest streets. It was a hit.

Teachers brought their students on field trips to my farm, and people came from all over to see the display, a genuine menagerie.

We didn’t have to buy eggs.

Paul Harvey, the famous radio personality, did a broadcast called “squaking lawyer.” I gave radio interviews for stations all over the country.

It was good fun, but soon after I needed to return to my real job– injury lawyer.

It’s no wonder why I’ve taken such an interest in the recent protests in Keene. I suppose I’ve become an expert in such things.

In my business as a personal injury attorney, you need to be creative and can’t be afraid to stand up for what is right.

Book-worms don’t get very far in my line of work.

Keep you strength and thanks for reading my blog.

Charlie Donahue
injury lawyer

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