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Donahue Named National Leader!

It has just been brought to my attention that I have the highest market place name recognition for personal injury lawyers, and that my numbers are off-the-charts. Not bad for this small town injury lawyer.

The group doing the survey is a very highly respected organization called TOMA, which stands for top of mind awareness. I have nothing to do with the group, and lots of companies pay big bucks for the results of their work.

TOMA asks folks who they would go to for certain kinds of work, such as injury lawyer, dentist, doctor, etc etc. If a professional gets 10% recognition, that is considered a great result, with high name recognition. My score is 72%, which totally blows away just about everybody. Nation-wide it is a spectacular, if not mind-boggling result.

15 years ago the local newspaper paid for the TOMA results and I was top-dog then as well, and, like this time, by overwhelming numbers. I got calls from businesses all over the country asking about my advertising. Those calls are starting once again. They all want to know how this personal injury attorney from Keene, New Hampshire is able to carry such a rating.

TOMA is really about something they call “branding” in advertising. People refer to all kinds of soda, for example, as Coke. I’ve been around long enough as to be known as the injury lawyer to go to.

Most lawyers hate to admit it, but we are in business, and a big part of it is being well-known and well respected.

I’m thankful to have connected with so many good people, who have over the years given my career jet-propulsion to the top. I take their confidence in me quite seriously, and commit myself to doing the very best job I can do.

Charlie Donahue
Injury Lawyer——— and well known, very well known, indeed!

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