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Does your lawyer care about you?

….. Or are you a few facts and notes written on a yellow legal pad?
Do you really think an injury lawyer can adequately represent you if all you are is a set of facts?
How much are your medical bills?
Lost wages?
Sure, those are important facts but if you sense that your lawyer is going through the motions, he probably is.
That is not good enough by any means.

Injury victims enter a ” case” with a life, and, that life has been changed.
Everyone has hopes and dreams, strengths and weaknesses.
There are good times and bad times.
We all have struggles.
It is crucial, in my view, to know as much about you as I can.
That way I can have a real appreciation for what you are going through.
With a true, honest and real knowledge of you, I can advocate for you.

Good lawyering is not lawyer-focused.
It is about you, not me.
It is not a performance or act.
Anyone can fake it.

Good lawyer requires passion and a willingness to take the time to get to know a client.
The more I know about my client, the more I will be able to relate, and then in a very real and powerful way, communicate and advocate.

Not all lawyers agree with me, but to each his own.

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