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does your injury attorney work for the insurance company?

That’s a bad feeling.

The insurance company needs no help, especially from your lawyer.

If it seems like you are always at odds with your lawyer and he does not get it, you would be well served to fire him and retain a lawyer who cares.

You are not married to your injury lawyer.

Even if you signed a written agreement to hire him, the law allows you to fire him and terminate his services. It is known that things change and lawyers often times are not the same person after your name is on an agreement.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

You only get one bite at the apple in the injury law business.

It is crucial that lawyer and client be on the same page.

I’ve helped many accident victims who started with another lawyer.

I work it out so that IF the old lawyer is entitled to some compensation for his time ( some times nothing is due because of very poor service) then that would come out of my fee, so that the client only pays one lawyer fee.

If you have any questions about your lawyer and you are unable to communicate with him to your satisfaction, feel free to call me. You have nothing to lose. Our talk is confidential. If I think your differences could and should be resolved, I’ll help you do that. But if you will be better served with new counsel, I will help make a smooth transition. No worries.





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