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Doctor Who Used his Hands to Rip an Ileostomy Hole in Patient Sued for Malpractice

Medical malpractice happens far more often than we may think. This reported case is truly egregious and a touch bizarre.

“I’ve seen some odd things during my years of practicing law,” said Charlie Donahue, a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer located in Keene. Donahue handles injury cases in New Hampshire and across the United States. “This case caught my attention, as it is perhaps one of the worst cases I’ve ever read about. Would you believe a doctor punctured a woman’s large intestine and bladder while performing a hysterectomy?”

The plaintiff, who was expecting to have a routine hysterectomy, came out of surgery with holes in her intestine and bladder, because the doctor, for some unknown reason, incorrectly identified the parts of her anatomy he was working on. The doctor decided, while he had his patient open to perform a temporary ileostomy, that he would use his hands to rip the required holes, rather than use a scalpel.

“Sadly, this was not the first time a patient had suffered at the hands of this particular doctor. It is reported that the evidence at trial indicated that he was notorious for writing prescriptions for a mysterious lotion that was touted as being able to boost a woman’s sex drive. He even had a personal website that peddled the testosterone laden potion. It was a product not approved by the FDA as a sex drive booster,” Donahue said.

There was even more to this story. It appeared that the state licensing board found out the doctor was responsible for handing out thousands of doses of Valium, Xanax and Vicodin, along with appetite killers, without having a pharmacist’s license.

“While he was sanctioned by the state medical board, because he was deemed to be a danger to his patients, he got his license rated back to unrestricted status in 2005, whereupon he resumed his decidedly questionable medical practices,” Donahue said.

“Without a doubt this was medical malpractice and quite a horrific case as well. Would the jury find in favor of the plaintiff? This is the kind of case that demonstrates why there should be punitive damages for the egregious actions of this physician. When you consider a doctor’s code of conduct states, and I am paraphrasing, ‘First, do no harm,’ this kind of behavior is shocking, and the man needs to be held responsible for his actions,” Donahue said.

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