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Do you want a phony lawyer?

I see all kinds of personal injury lawyers.
Injury victims have lots of choices.
There are crooks, liars and thieves.
There are good lawyers too.

My approach is different– very different.
Even different than how I used to practice law.

My clients know a difference and like the kind of lawyer I have become.
Imagine I have been doing this stuff for almost 30 years and, rather than retire, I decided to get better.
And it has been very rewarding on many levels.
Very refreshing because I’m on the cutting edge.

Years ago it was easy, as a guy all over the tv, radio, phonebook, to get caught up in a kind of celebrity status.
Espeially in a small town.
It fed the ego and brought in cases.
Nothing wrong with cases– as an injury lawyer, that is how I make my living.

These days I am on a different journey.
It is the struggle to be real.
It starts with knowing and understanding where I came from, how I got to where I am, and where I am going.
This process of self-discovery is difficult and at times painful.

But the more a lawyer gets to know himself, the better able he is to understand, relate to and commuicate a client’s story.
By getting in touch with my inner feelings I am better able to connect with someone else.

That is the process of being real, genuine and credible.
At the Spence Trial Lawyers College last September, where I was one of only 52 trial lawyers in the country to be selected, we worked hard on that and putting it into action so that if need be, we would be able to show a client’s story in a very powerful and truthful way to any jury.
There is no other training in the world that does the same thing, and every day I feel blessed to have been chosen.
It was life changing and has not only changed and improved the way I help injury victims, it has changed the way I deal with life.

So, some lawyers think that if they just smile and be nice to a client they are being “real.”
As if it is enough to seem like a nice guy.
The guy who might buy you a beer.

Well, being real is much more than that in my book.
It is not an act.
It is about making a real connection with you.
It involves active listening and an emotional connection you can feel.

If someone wants a song and dance, smily face, BS artist, who truly does not care about you
and won’t give you a second thought after you sign a contingency fee agreement, that is NOT me.

I’m not saying I won’t be kind and smile but whatever I end up doing I want it to be genuine.

Trust your gut.
A lawyer who truly cares listens.
And you’ll know it when you see it.

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