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Do you really think the insurance company cares?

About you?
Or about making money?
Saving money.

I recently had a case where I helped a rather high level executive who works for an insurance company.
She had a personal injury claim.
The other guy had no insurance so she thought everything would workout ok because she had uninsured motorist coverage.
Her policy, of course, was with her own company.
Terrific, she thought!
Should be easy.
At least she would be treated fairly.
That’s what she thought.

To her great surprise and disappointment, her company could not have been any more disagreeable, nasty, and cheap.
So I get hired.

If the insurance company treats one of its own that way, why on earth do you think it will treat you any better?

Hers was a pretty significant case.
I imagine if it was a nickel and dime injury claim the insurance company would have been quicker to settle and pay her.
But with pretty big bucks on the line it was different, very different.

It is all about the money.
My client wasn’t looking for special treatment or anything she didn’t deserve.
She just didn’t want or expect the runaround, and to be treated like she was doing something wrong.

We had to go the distance.
We prevailed.
My client went back to work with the same company.
These days, who can afford to lose a good job?

If you have a personal injury claim, do not trust the insurance company to be fair.
Get good counsel.

Charlie Donahue
Injury lawyer

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