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Consumer protection law

If you’ve been following my recent blogs you will know this personal injury lawyer is taking personally violations of consumer protection laws.

I find it maddening that big banks and corporations are not following the law in their treatment of people who owe money

There is no excuse for harassing people and threatening them in order to collect a debt.

If you have been the victim of such behavior give me a call.

By all means document who calls you, when they call, what they say and anything else you can think of writing down.

Consumers are protected by federal and state laws.

Sometimes collection agencies are used and sometimes collection lawyers.

It makes no difference. If they get tough with you, let me know.

I’m starting to see it more and more with injury victims. When good folks get hurt in an automobile accident or some other injury case, often times they will not be able work irk, making it impossible to pay some bills until they get back on their feet again. That is no reason they should be subjected to unlawful and illegal collection practices.

Let’s help put a stop to these bullies by taking legal action.

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