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Client turns down final offer & gets awarded much more


You can’t settle them all.

That’s the nature of the injury law business.

We like to resolve all our cases amicably, but sometimes you just can’t, unless you’re willing to get ripped off and shortchanged.

Let me tell you about a recent case:

The insurance adjuster’s last words to me were something like I was “crazy” for not taking her offer to settle, and that we’d see how wrong I was.

Well, I did see…

I saw we were right all along.

And, ” crazy”, yes—- crazy for justice!

And thankfully my clients were patient, and trusted my judgment that we should do battle.

It’s not easy for injury victims to turn down final settlement offers.

It can be frightening, and the system can wear them down.

We resolved part one of the claim by taking everything the wrongdoer’s policy had.

Next it was on to the Under-insured Motorist claim.

I talk a lot about UM coverage because it is very important that everyone carry it.

It provides great protection.

Here, we were able to sue my client’s own insurance company for benefits under their own policy— benefits that should be paid because the value of their injury claim exceeded the amount of insurance available under the responsible party’s insurance policy.

You don’t always need to sue your own insurance company to get those benefits.

With a properly prepared case, you can usually compel the company to pay fair compensation before litigation.

The point is that you are in an adversarial relationship, even with your own insurance company sometimes.

Don’t feel bad about it.

It’s just the way it is.

Often times it loves you until you make a claim, and then it heads for the hills.

All of a sudden, you become much less loveable.

You become a problem to them.

That’s why you need to hire a personal injury lawyer who knows how to deal with them.

All the best.


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