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A Statement From Charlie Donahue

As an injury lawyer I want to connect with people; it's about listening, understanding, caring and standing up for clients in a system that's really stacked against the little guy. It's much more about the heart than the head. Lives are turned upside down and often...

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You don’t need to impress me

I love being with real, ordinary and unpretentious people. We are all on this journey together, and nobody is any better than anyone else. Never been into trying to impress. I meet my clients in a living room setting, not from behind a big mahogany lawyer desk. I...

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Med Mal and Expired Drugs Don’t Mix

Having expired drugs on board an EMS vehicle is a pretty serious infraction. Expired drugs may cost someone their life. “I heard about this particular case, and it raises some very serious questions about the drugs on board EMS ambulances. While this instance was...

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