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Med Mal and Expired Drugs Don’t Mix

Having expired drugs on board an EMS vehicle is a pretty serious infraction. Expired drugs may cost someone their life. “I heard about this particular case, and it raises some very serious questions about the drugs on board EMS ambulances. While this instance was...

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Fire Power Can Kill in Any Form

Who would think to rearm a grenade with kids around is totally baffling. A young boy was seriously injured due to someone’s stupidity. Fire power is best left for wars, not as souvenirs kicking around someone’s house. While many people may indeed have old guns, pieces...

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Two Teens Injured by Snowplow

Following the rules of the road applies to everyone. That includes snowplows. “The way I heard about this case was that it involved a snowplow operator who blew a yield sign,” explained Charlie Donahue, a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer. The way this accident...

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Sexual Abuse Is Also About Power

Sexual abuse is not just about sex. It also happens to be about power over another. It’s hard to make blanket statements about child sexual abuse when it comes to the actual statistics. This is largely because the government lumps physical and sexual abuse together...

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