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Can I fire my injury lawyer?

Yes, you can.
It doesn’t matter what your fee agreement says, either.
Sometimes it’s just not the right fit.

The law doesn’t want you to be stuck with an injury lawyer you are not happy with and gives you the right to switch.

Over the course of many years I’ve helped many injury victims who started with another lawyer.

When I take over I make sure the client does not suffer any financial penalty when they switch.

Injured folks have enough on their plate without worrying why their lawyer is not doing the job or don’t seem to care any longer.

There’s no reason to put up with unanswered calls, lame excuses, pressure to settle for peanuts or a bad attitude.

It’s your claim.

It’s your settlement.

You only have one chance to do it right.

Make sure your lawyer is a team-mate and not a problem.

I’d be honored to help.

Charlie Donahue
Injury Lawyer

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