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Bravo to client on big settlement at mediation

Almost half a million dollars is real money.

But these folks are deserving.

It was nice to see justice served.

This was done at a mediation, which can be a very good way to resolve a personal injury case.

It is mandatory in New Hampshire. The parties and their lawyers get together informally to discuss the case. A good mediator tries to facilitate a settlement. In our state there are a number of excellent mediators, who have a lot of experience in the field of personal injury. I have represented many clients who were able to resolve their cases at mediation and achieved very good results. It can be a good way to go, but the key is being prepared for trial. I never prepare for mediation, I prepare for trial. By doing so, I think the chances of settling are increased.

Injury work is hard work, but it is a worthy and rewarding pursuit.

After 30 years of helping the under-dog, I still have a passion for the job.

Quite frankly, I know I keep getting better. I’m determined to be the best injury lawyer I can be. I’m surrounded by and affiliated with some of this country’s best trial lawyers. It makes me better, plus I enjoy being with them. I help them and they help me.

I think it is very dangerous, in any job, to think we have all the answers and nothing to learn.

Keep your strength.





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