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Before you hire a lawyer ask THIS question …


And when you get an answer, don’t stop there. Dishonest lawyers lie. You are the consumer who’s entitled to, and needs, the truth. Call the Professional Conduct Committee ( run by the NH Supreme Court) at 603-224-5828 to see if the lawyer has a record of unethical conduct. Or, call me and I’ll let you know.

Dishonest lawyers tarnish the profession, and hurt all injury victims.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court said the following about a few of my competitors:

  • This lawyer ” lied to the court” and engaged in “dishonesty, deceit and misrepresentation.” After stating that ” no single transgression reflects more negatively on the legal profession than a lie”, it issued a Public Censure against this Keene injury lawyer.
  • This lawyer “engaged in a course of deceitful conduct toward a client and a tribunal over a span of several years with the intent to benefit himself.”
  • The third lawyer was disbarred for ” dishonesty.”

These characters don’t share any of this information in their yellow page ads, but you need to know who you’re dealing with — that’s why it’s public information.

If your injury lawyer has a history of lying and cheating, stay away from him. You could be the next victim. This is a small state and all the people in the business ( judges, court officials, police, claims representatives, defense lawyers etc) know the players. If your injury lawyer can’t be trusted, it will hurt your case.

I believe in being aggressive and tough, but always fair and ethical!

Keep your strength.

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