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Always thinking like an injury lawyer

I’ve been helping Injury victims for so long now, and have seen all kinds of needless suffering from all kinds of accidents, I find myself noticing dangerous situations.

During a recent trip to Montreal I stopped at a terrific sight, Notre Dame Basilica.
It is an important part of the history of the city.
A crown jewel of religious heritage, really.

It is an incredibly beautiful building.
We watched a light show which gave a history of the church.
The architecture inside was spectacular, and the light show highlighted and displayed different parts of the church.
It is ornate.

What also struck me was that the original architect, an Irishman named O’Donnell from New York City, wanted to blend the outside of the church into the city.
It sits in a plaza type setting.
The purpose was to blend in with the city and be accessible to the public.

He did a great job.
And, you can tell there were no injury lawyers around then.
The church empties into a busy road, and if you are not paying close attention, you could find yourself in the road.

It also figures that I almost tripped on some uneven pavement exiting the basilica.
The area was raised on purpose, and again, it was a bit dangerous.

Maybe all these years of personal injury work have made me crazy.
Mr O’Donnell is probably rolling in his grave over my comments, but hats off to him any way for a job well done, indeed.

Be safe.

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