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A return to the jungle

Today I helped a client at the Lowell District Court– in Mass, it’s the city where I grew up and the court where I, as a law student, worked for a lawyer who represented a lot of clients.
Last time I was there was 30 years ago– time flies.
I didn’t have gray hair then and was the youngest one in the courtroom– seemed that way any way.
Today this personal injury lawyer got to mingle at the same stomping grounds.
The Assistant District Attorneys who seemed so experienced to me then are a little older than my son who is a first year law student.
Today I was one of the old guys– and I’m still a young fellow at 53!
But three decades of working in the law profession takes its toll I guess.

Lowell is and always was a jungle, a melting pot of everyone from everywhere.
Although it was great to make a return visit, and to actually see some old faces and shoot the breeze, I was glad to return to the sanity of our Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire.

With few exceptions like today I am a full time injury lawyer, doing accident cases, personal injury stuff like medical malpractice and wrongful death.

Today I returned to my roots as criminal defense lawyer to help a family friend. And its a good thing the court staff was so helpful because things change and to be honest I would have been a liitle lost. What looked like minor charges had some heavy duty potential consequences. Things could have remained on my client’s record for a long time and potentially affected future work opportunities. Thankfully I did not take things for granted, asked the right questions, got the right help, and was able to work out a spectacular result for my guy.

The longer I do this job the more I realize I don’t have all the answers.
But I sure as heck know how to get them.

Keep your strength.

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