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A real terrific NH Doctor

This link is about Dr. Pierre Dionne of Hudson, New Hampshire.
He is a family doctor, who loves his patients so much he actually makes house calls.
Dr. Pierre has his own practice and, as you might imagine, is very popular.
The TV show Chronicle did this great piece on him, as you can see on You Tube.

In this day and age, it is so refreshing to hear about doctors like him.
I had the pleasure of meeting him at my cousin’s house.
He is the treating doctor of one of my clients, an injury victim.
Dr. Pierre will be testifying for him, if necessary– if the insurance company insists on taking advantage.

Dr. Pierre is a great credit to the profession.
He is a real human being who cares about his patients.
They are his friends.
He greets them with a hug and a smile.
When he meets them at home, he says all he has are his hands and his heart.
Dr. Pierre is a healer, who understands to the core, that his patients are not numbers.
I wish all my clients had a doctor like him, but it is nice to know there are still some old-fashioned doctors who make house calls.

I am so impressed by this good man’s decency, I wanted to blog about him.
I hope you take a few minutes to see the You Tube video.
He does not seek applause, but I am super impressed by this fellow.
I know my client and his family absolutely adore him.

These days it is good for us to hear some good news and some feel good stories in the midst of all the doom and gloom.

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