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A little help from my friends

I was recently in the process of fighting about a legal issue with an insurance company.
Every once in a while we come across a matter that the New Hampshire Supreme Court has not ruled on.
Actually, it happens a lot in the injury law business.
And, for the most part, nobody is really too crazy about making new law.
We’d rather make money for our clients than law.
Having your name on a Supreme Court favorable decision is nice, but nowhere near as nice as having the money.
Over the years I’ve won cases at that level but would much rather put real money in my client’s pocket without all that jazz.
I mention this because most every issue has already been decided in some other jurisdiction.
And, when I connected with my friends from the Spence Trial Lawyers College, I was sent decisions on my issue from several other jurisdictions.
It was very helpful.
The insurance company saw that if it pushed the matter, it would probably lose.
You see, it doesn’t really want to go that route either, especially if it looks like it would end up with unfavorable legal precedence.
So, it paid my claim realizing it could revisit the issue and intimidate, or over power another claimant with a lawyer who does not know any better.
With the help of my blood brothers and sisters from the nation’s premiere trial advocacy program– Spence Trial Lawyers College–I was able to help my client prevail.
Sometimes it is who you know!!
I share this story and these ideas with you because one of the advantages an injury victim has when s/he hires me, is my connection with some of this nation’s best trial lawyers.
We help each other in every way possible.
Unlike most lawyers, we are not envious of each other’s success.
And, we care about each other and our clients.
Winning is everything.
We are ethical.
We listen.
We care.
We are creative.
We are aggressive.
We fight for our people and with our people.
We are REAL, and reject the arrogance and stuffed shirt nature that characterizes some of the legal profession.
We relate to jurors, and ultimately that is the basis for the best settlements.
We are not perfect.
And, most importantly, we do not pretend to be.
As you can tell, I am very proud to be a recent graduate of the program.
I am honored to be affiliated with such awesome and accomplished lawyers, and to call these good, decent people, my friends.

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