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Why Injury victims Get $$$

It’s the law.

When someone has been injured they are entitled to compensation.

That means money.

Money for pain, suffering and disability, loss of enjoyment of life – past, present and future.

Money for mental anguish, anxiety and worry – past, present and future.

Money to reimburse your lost wages and medical bills.

Money for everything tangible and intangible you’ve lost.

It’s only right.

Let’s face it, life is expensive. If you are no longer able to do what you could do, you will pay a price now and in the future. The law tries to make up for the loss.

This is not some sort of lottery or windfall. The goal is to make up for what you lost – that is, to compensate you.

The best thing that you could ever have is something that can never happen – to turn back the clock and undo the accident. All honest injury victims would much rather have their health and the health of their loved ones rather than money.

Money is a crass, but necessary substitute.

You never asked for the injuries. They have been forced upon you – without your permission. And, as Americans, we treasure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It’s in our genes.

This is why there is insurance – to pay the freight.

To pay everything, not just pay small claims, to pay big ones too.

Full and fair damages.

If that’s a lot of money, so be it.

Don’t let defense lawyers and insurance companies cheapen the value of human life.

Here’s some in-your-face straight talk: When their loved ones get injured, they are the first in line to insist upon money damages – big money damages.

You are entitled to the same treatment.

The rich, middle class, and poor – no matter who you are – need to be treated the same.

It’s the law.

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