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Who is the insurance company?

I am very outspoken about despising what insurance companies do to injury victims.
I am not talking about the good folks around town who happen to work in the insurance industry.
I am not talking about your (or my) insurance agent.
I am not even talking about the insurance claims adjuster who represents the insurance company in negotiating a personal injury claim.

Like the rest of us, these folks are just doing their job.
They go to work every day and try to do the best they can.
These folks might be family members, friends, neighbors, or loved ones.

They are NOT the enemy.
My beef is with the industry and the sociopaths at the very top who do not care one bit about people – injury victims or their own employees for that matter.
They set the rules everyone must follow.
They decide how little will be paid to injury victims and how much profit will be made and how many millions of dollars in bonuses they will be paid.

It is the same with those at the top of financial institutions and the government.

I have many friends in the business and they are good people.
Their hearts are in the right place.
They go to work and have a job to do.
They do not make corporate policy or the decisions at the very top that work to screw over regular folks.

I mean, I have represented many folks in the insurance industry when they got hurt or a loved one was injured.
They know, first- hand, good legal representation is needed to make a fair fight.
They also know– deep down — they themselves are mere cogs in the corporate system and are treated like they are very expendable.
All of them are seconds away from being fired and tossed aside if word on high says we don’t need you.

My job is to make sure the human element is not lost. My clients are real folks who have a story to tell and deserve a slice of justice.
After all, one side of the coin deals with collecting insurance policies, but the flip side which is often forgotten is the duty of the insurance company to pay compensation to honest and deserving injury victims.

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