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Standing up for the litte guy

Not every injury, accident case is a million dollar case.

Every day good folks get short-changed on small, but good claims– legitimate and good cases.

For example, I just got done helping an injury victim who, before she hired us, was offered $600 to settle her case– grab the money, sign the release and go away forever . Granted, she did not have the world’s biggest personal injury case, but a year later, we were able to settle the claim for $20,000, and even after paying fees, she put in her pocket over $13,000, tax free.

Don’t get me wrong– it is a special thing to be able to resolve an injury case so that my client is set for life. But not every case involves catastrophic or devastating injury– thankfully. It is still important that folks who suffer to a lesser degree get maximum representation too. My client, who ended up with $13k rather than $600, is able to do something more substantial now and has a bit more financial ability.The thousands of dollars add up in this world. She will be able to do a little more, and she deserves it.

Justice for all.

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