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Speeding Kills And Bus Accidents Are No Exception To That Rule

Cars aren’t the only vehicles on the road that speed. Bus drivers in a hurry to get to the end of their trip often drive over the posted limit.

This can’t be said often enough; “Speed kills.” It is a fact of life and we have seen it, heard about it and perhaps even been affected by speeding vehicles on the highways. It’s a no brainer to point out that speeding puts other people’s lives in danger.

The thing is that most people, when they think of speeding, tend to think it is just car drivers that put the pedal to the metal. It is not just car drivers. It is 18-wheelers, ATVs, motorcycles and yes, even buses. Ask any skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer how many vehicle accident cases they see every year. The answer may shock you.

Stop and think about this one for a bit. A speeding bus driver, perhaps in a hurry to get to the end of his long day and a boring route, may be carrying a large number of passengers. All it takes for the driver to lose control is one moment of inattention. That one moment could cause unimaginable harm to those on or near the bus. It may even cause death.

Is the boredom of the route and the desire to be someplace else worth harming a lot of people? The answer is a resounding no. The people on the bus have the right to expect they will be safe from harm and the risks involved with speeding are unjustified. If the passengers are harmed because the driver was distracted and had a heavy foot, they deserve justice for their injuries by filing a lawsuit with the representation of their New Hampshire personal injury lawyer. It’s as simple as that.

What are the other reasons for speeding? Statistics show that bus drivers, like truckers, have schedules to meet and in trying to meet the sometimes unrealistic demands, get frustrated and stressed. That makes for an antsy driver who works their internal aggression out by speeding. Often times, they are not really aware of their speed, because they are simply not paying attention. In other words, they are negligent.

Furthermore, not only does speed have the potential to kill, it heightens the impact and ratchets up the potential for more serious injuries. It means the speeding vehicle often can’t stop for a red light or stop sign and to put it bluntly, those who speed don’t have the same kind of control over their vehicle as someone who is driving according to the rules of the road.

If you have been in an accident with a speeding bus, and survived, but with serious injuries, take your case to a seasoned New Hampshire personal injury lawyer to see justice done and compensation won for your injuries. It is your right.

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