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Speed And Booze Kill In The Tale Of Two Deadly Crashes

You would think after all the media coverage about the horrific end results of drinking and driving, that people just would not do it. Think again.

The two reported cases in this article were all about speeding while under the influence. Both these cases ended badly, with the drivers of their respective vehicles dead as a result of the toxic mixture of speed and booze. Only an idiot drinks and drives, and that same idiot may pay for that decision with their life and/or the life of another.

In one crash, a 19-year-old man, who thought he was invincible, lost his life on the highway because he chose to speed while drinking at the same time. If the driver had not been drinking and had not been speeding, that individual would still be alive. When are people of any age going to figure out that every decision they make has consequences, not only for themselves, but other? When are people finally going to get a conscious and show care, concern and courtesy for others by “not” drinking and driving?

The second man that died actually hit the ditch by the highway going 160 kph. When the Dodge Viper hit, it rolled and pinned the driver inside. He died at the scene, with the smell of booze permeating the inside of the car. Granted the man had a really bad driving record for speeding, but obviously, he never learned the one lesson we all need to live by and stay alive: do not drink and drive. No one is immortal.

For your own safety and that of others, give a darn about how you drive. Take care, be responsible, be safe and use common sense. If you do not have any to spare, then get someone to pick you up and take you home or to a safe place. Unfortunately, far too many people these days figure the laws don’t apply to them and that nothing will ever happen to them. Think again. Dead is dead. There is no coming back after that act.

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