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Social Security / Disability Claims

These days I’m talking with lots of folks who need help with SSI and SSDI claims. It’s best not to handle these cases on your own, especially since you can get a good lawyer at no cost.

I do not personally handle these kind of claims, but have a good relationship with lawyers who are specialists in this area of the law. I’ve referred many clients to them, and have gotten excellent results.

Don’t go it alone.

It would be like me trying to work on my own car or do my own electrical work. I don’t have a clue on how to do either and can guarantee you I’d make matters worse.

Think of me as your family lawyer. Although I focus on injury and accident cases only, I have lots of contacts, not only in New Hampshire, but all across the country. I can put you in the right hands.

Have a good weekend.

Charlie Donahue
Injury lawyer

“It costs nothing to talk with me & I don’t get paid until you win.”

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