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Nude Dude Tries On Sports Clothes After Crashing Into Mall

A man drove his truck into a sporting goods store and borrowed some clothes from a mannequin before being arrested.

When you head to the shopping mall, the last thing you expect to see is a pickup truck driving down the middle of the mall. Dallas, Texas was treated to just such an adventure recently, when a 35-year-old nude dude, wearing only a smile, drove his truck inside a mall and ended up trying on clothes.

On his way down the mall, he took out several free-standing portable kiosks before stopping inside a sporting goods store, where he got dressed in clothing on display in the store, including socks and a new pair of Nike Jordan sneaks.

One eyewitness told police the man drove up, smacked into the door of the store, backed up and hit it again, this time with more force, and then continued into the store. The store wasn’t open for business, but that didn’t stop the man, who plowed through the security gate.

The man was arrested inside the store and then taken by paramedics to the hospital for a medical evaluation. The sneakers were recovered at the scene and returned to the store, but the man kept the rest of the clothes on. The police said no one wanted to see him in the buff.

No one seems to have any idea what prompted the man to pull this stunt, but the officers on site did mention they had received a domestic disturbance call earlier in the morning, and that the nude man was a suspect in that fight. It is not certain if he went “shopping” while under the influence of something, but police are investigating the incident.

The damage to the mall is in the thousands of dollars. The driver is being held without bail and facing multiple charges of burglary, reckless endangerment, vandalism and indecent exposure. Ego damage? Too embarrassing to rate. It is just lucky that no one was hurt.

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