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Medical Malpractice– another smashing success

I’m happy to report the settlement of another medical malpractice case.

A most deserving client seriously and permanently injured by a medical doctor’s negligence will be set for life.

Nobody wants to sue a doctor, but sometimes there is no choice. It’s not too much to ask any professional to do a good job, and not to deviate from an acceptable standard of care. Hardly any decent doctor will disagree.

I am not one of those injury lawyers who sues doctors, or anyone else, for no good reason. In fact, I have great respect for medical professionals, and have many friends in the medical field.

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I have connections across the country with the very best medical malpractice lawyers and our team effort– at no extra cost to our injured client– has produced many smashing victories.

You can trust me to get the job done for you in a first-class manner.

I take your personal injuries personally!

I know you’re not out to hurt anyone, but you want to see that nobody else has to go through the life-changing ordeal handed to you.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue
injury lawyer
Keene, New Hampshire

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