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Injury victims should take nothing for granted.
It costs nothing to talk with an experienced injury lawyer, so make the call.

I am working on a very serious accident case. My client got smashed up real bad. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time– that’s how these cases go. A real nice lady who was just getting by, the last thing she needed was to be involved in a life threatening crash which still has her hospitalized.

The girl who caused the accident just got her license. She was totally at fault. As is often the case, she carried very little automobile insurance. Her insurance company, seeing no way out of the mess, and real glad she did not carry a big policy, decided to tender ( offer) the policy to close the case.

Generally speaking injury victims are stuck with the insurance of the wrongdoer, for better or worse.
( this is why it is imperative everybody carry excellent UN/underinsured protection— the subject of another blog.)

Sound good?
Not so fast.

Before agreeing this was the end of the road, I was able to determine that the girl was covered under her parents’ insurance policy too.

I am not saying the girl’s insurance company was playing dirty by wanting to close it out based on their policy only.
I think this guy just did not know she was covered by another insurance policy.
It is not his job to CARE about such things really.

BUt it is the job of your injury, accident, personal injury attorney to care about such things.
It makes all the difference in the world.

Just give me a call.
As my ads have said for years, it costs nothing to talk with me, and I don’t get paid unless you win.

Speaking of those ads, I can’t tell you how many times over the years I have had youngsters all over the City of Keene quote me that when they see me around town.

Keep your strength.

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