A lot of lawyers simply don’t listen to their clients.
I have to say, sadly, there were times in my career, too, where I was not a good listener.
In order to really and truly advocate for a client, an injury victim, a lawyer needs to know as much as he can about that client– that individual whose life is affected due to no fault of his or her own.
Sometimes the true/full/real story of an injury will come from a spouse, child, friend or coworker.
Does the lawyer care enough about his client to find out the story?
It takes time.
It takes effort.
It takes caring.
It means listening.
Too often a lawyer will go through the motions– take some yellow page notes, ask a few standard questions, and pretend to care and listen.
All the while he might be thinking of where else he’d rather be or how he knows this case will go because he’s done a thousand of them.
I have found, in my career, that my best work as an injury lawyer is the result of careful listening to my client and his loved ones.
I know I’ve done it right and thoroughly when I feel I know my client and can relate to his ordeal.
It is only then when I can have the supreme confidence– not arrogance– to know that I am in a position to advocate my case to a jury, if necessary, and truly feel any jury will understand and feel the justice of our claim.
Now, a very high percentage of good injury cases settle before trial, and that is a good thing. But if an injury victim hires a layer who is unprepared to go the distance, he will probably get a less than adequate and fair settlement.
By being fully armed and prepared, the chances of a full settlement are greatly increased.
In my view, and not all lawyers agree with me or with the extent to which I am absolutely convinced the story must be discovered.
If a lawyer cares, then he will listen.
It is way too easy, and wrong to simply think the lawyer has all the answers.
As they say, God gave us two ears and one mouth, so we should probably do twice as much listening as talking!
Every lawyer has a different philosophy and approach.
I am just stating what I am convinced works best for me and what I truly believe is the best way to represent a client.
When making the decision on which lawyer to hire, you should know as much as you can to make the right choice.
I would be honored to help you or your loved ones.
Your call to me is a gift, and I will do my best– in light of my own human failings and weaknesses– to help and to LISTEN, truly listen and care about you and your story, the ways in which any accident has turned your life upside down.
Keep your strength.

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