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I went a little overboard

A few blogs ago I was highly critical of a defense lawyer.
I think I went so far as to say I wondered if he cared about anybody!
Now that isn’t very nice.
And make matters worse, I think I even wondered if anybody cared for him!!

I was out of line.
I was simply going to delete the blog.
Then I decided a little humility would be a good thing.
Better for this injury lawyer to admit his mistake.

Sure, some of these insurance defense lawyers drive me crazy.
Most I like and get along with just fine.
Even the ones I don’t care for too much, I don’t hate.

Getting back to the subject of the blog, I only see this fellow in one aspect of his life.
Although he does not seem to have much sympathy for injury victims, he might be a terrific human being in other aspects of his life.
He could be a great humanitarian or philanthropist.
He might be very loving at home.

I just got carried away and for that I am sorry.

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