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How to get out of Car lease

About 10 years ago I decided to lease a real nice, luxury car from a big dealership. It wasn’t too long before I got sick of the car. The trouble, of course, was that the lease agreement didn’t allow early termination without a very big penalty. It just wasn’t worth trying to get out of the deal because financially you’d take a big hit, and I wasn’t about to do that.

To make matters worse, the agreement was drafted for the car industry by high-powered corporate law firms who knew their stuff. What could this injury lawyer from the small town of Keene, New Hampshire ever do about the predicament? I suppose I could have just lumped it, but that wouldn’t have been any fun. And, what the heck, I was determined to see what I could do, and wasn’t about to quit without a fight. So, I went to work……….

The lease was under a program called the ” Smart Lease.” I studied that document real carefully, and found a loop-hole. The dealership that leased the car to me consulted its big city lawyers, who advised that I was correct, and that I was lawfully entitled to terminate the lease without any penalty.

I remember the executive at the dealership telling me that there was no way I’d ever be able to get out of the “Smart Lease”, and responding ( I just couldn’t help it): ” Smart Lease– that’s the dumbest lease I’ve ever seen!”

I recently ran into a fellow who worked for the dealership back then. He told me I caused quite a ruckus, and that I was the only customer in the country who was able to break, with success, the ” Smart Lease.” Nobody, but nobody, else was ever able to defeat the ” Smart Lease.”

At the time, he was secretly pulling for me. Since then, he has been telling folks about the move for years. He was so impressed he’s been recommending my legal services to injury victims.

Although I can’t promise you, I can get you out of a car lease, it is my habit to examine all legal documents with a fine-tooth comb for loopholes. Never say never.

Keep your strength, and enjoy some of the sensational Fall weather we’ve been having the last week or two, because the snow will soon be falling.

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