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Hating lawyers

I was golfing the other day, trying to enjoy some of this spectacular NH summer weather, when I ran into a fellow who absolutely hated lawyers.

I’ve seen him around town, but we’ve never talked before, and he couldn’t wait to tell me how he felt.

I figured he must have had a bad experience or been hearing the news about a local injury lawyer who is in the process of getting disbarred for taking advantage of a very seriously injured client.

That story would gag a maggot. The same joker got caught cheating in law school, got censured by the NH Supreme Court for lying to a judge, and, it has recently been recommended he be tossed from the profession for his lack of a moral compass.

Getting disbarred takes work. I mean you really need to be a bad actor.

I can’t blame folks for hating lawyers.

Sadly there are so many horror stories– usually involving greed or dishonesty.

The fellow at the golf course was really bitter, and I could not blame him one bit. I admire the fact he felt comfortable enough with me that he could tell me exactly how he felt. I appreciate his honesty, but it’s a shame because there are a lot of excellent, honest lawyers out there.

I’ve always run a clean shop.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue

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