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Get a second opinion.

Get a second opinion and maybe a new lawyer.

Some people sign up with a lawyer and figure they are stuck.

Not true.

The law recognizes that sometimes things don’t work out in the lawyer-client relationship.

The most important thing is not bruised feelings of a lawyer, but the interests of the client.

You can change lawyers without penalty.

If you have a problem with your lawyer I suggest the following:

First, call your lawyer and lay it on the line.

Second, if your lawyer doesn’t get it, get a second opinion from another lawyer. This will be CONFIDENTIAL.

Third, make a decision to switch or not.

If you switch, see if your new lawyer will agree to pay anything due your old lawyer out of their fee. Most will do so, if your old lawyer is entitled to anything at all.

Do not suffer a bad lawyer or someone who is nice to you when you sign up and then sings a different tune after they get the case.

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