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End of the year…. settlement city


It’s a fact of life in the personal injury business, and something I’ve seen as an injury lawyer over the years.

Settlement city— December.

Lots of  injury cases settle in the month of December– year end.

At Donahue Law, we’re particularly busy this time of the year. Lots of settlements.

I once did a radio commercial of the mailman complaining that the bags of settlement checks going to Donahue Law were causing him to suffer back injury.

“All I do is bring bags, and bags, and bags of settlent checks to Donahue Law.”

The insurance companies want to clean up their books, take cases off the table, and write off their losses before the start of a new year.

This can be a good opportunity for injury victims, but it is never something you should push unless you are ready.

It is true that insurance companies like to wave a carrot in front of noses in order to settle by year end. Let’s face it: That carrot can be awfully enticing if you need money for Christmas.

Be careful.

Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

An experienced injury lawyer can advise you if the time to settle is right or not.

Be patient.

Be as patient as you can be.

I know it’s not easy, especially during these tough financial times.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue

injury lawyer

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