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Does your lawyer listen?

Sadly most personal injury lawyers love to talk but hate to listen.

There is a tendency to think one case is just like another and will turn out, and should turn out,the same as others.

This is not true and potentially very harmful to your case.

Although injuries might be similar, the effects of those injuries vary greatly from person to person.

Everybody is unique.

Everybody has different circumstances in life.

A broken finger on a lawyer might not be as devastating as it would be to a drummer or typist.

Aside from such an obvious example is the fact that every injury will impact people– physically snd emotionally– differently.

Does your lawyer truly listen to you or pretend to listen?

It makes a world of difference.

If your injury lawyer listens he willunderstand you and your case, not just sign you up, catorgorize you, and wait for some pre-determined settlement amount down the road.

The injury lawyer does not know best. You do.

I’m not talking about the sterile law;  I’m talking about something far more important and powerful–  You and your circumstances,  what happened and how to overcome adversity to obtain justice for you.

The key is being an active and honest listener.

The trouble is that most lawyers don’t truly care and that’s a shame.

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