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Do not settle your injury case too soon & talk to a lawyer right away

Today I met with a number of injury victims.
The first couple I met with was real nice. The wife got in a car crash a year ago and came to see me after getting an offer to settle from the insurance company.
They decided not to get a lawyer right away.
The insurance adjuster seemed nice and they figured why not see how it goes.
Well, it dd not go very well.
The offer was pathetic.
Fortunately they did not do or say anything to hurt her case, as sometimes happens.
They are lucky.
The trouble is that it would have cost them nothing to get the case in the hands of a knowledgeable injury lawyer right away.
This would assure the case would stay on track and have some direction, as well as send a very strong message of seriousness to the insurance company.

Later in the day I met with a fellow who was offered $700 by the insurance company.
The offer was made 1 week after the crash.
Thankfully he said no.

Imagine the nerve of any insurance adjuster to try to settle so quickly.
This is not being kind, prompt or thoughtful.
Just the opposite.
This was a blatant and obnoxious and insulting effort to get hs signature on a release so they could pay him a few bucks and prevent him from ever getting another dime.

When he didn’t bite they sent him a letter asking him to sign a document which would allow the insurance company to get his medical records, which were needed in order ” to properly evaluate” his claim.”

The obvious point is this:
If they needed these records ( which they did) in order to evaluate his claim, then why on earth did they expect him to settle for a small figure before anyone could properly evaluate his claim?

You know the answer.
There is nothing good to be said of the effort.

They might as well have offered a Big Mac, small fries and a Coke, in exchange for a release ending the case forever.

Be careful.
Don’t fall for this kind of tactic.
Talk with a personal injury attorney soon after the injury.

If you settle too soon, you will get little and you will give up everything!

When the insurance adjuster shows up at your front door, no good will come of talking with him or her.
Kindly tell them they will hear from your lawyer, and let me know ASAP.

Keep your strength.

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