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Be careful of discount law firms

In theory offering injury victims a reduced attorney fee is a great idea.

It sounds like you are giving value.

In practice, however, injury law is a very difficult area of law.

It takes skill, expertise, caring, compassion, resources and dedication to achieve superior result.

It is not as if every personal injury lawyer is guaranteed to get the same offer from an insurance company or verdict from a jury.

No way.

It is easy for a law firm to say if we charge a 25 per cent fee and they charge a 1/3 fee, then on a one hundred thousand dollar settlement, you will save over $8,000.


The math is correct.

The assumption is wrong– that is, that each law firm is going to reach the same result.

You’ll probably find that the dis counters will get you a $30,000 settlement on a $1000,000 case.

Think of how much money you lose by going with the cheap guys.

Injury law is not the place to be bargain hunting.

The risks are too great.

You only get one chance


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