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Always a Free consultation

Today I met with a nice lady whose son was involved in a personal injury.
He was bit by a dog.
As it turns out it does not look like like the owner of the vicious dog had any insurance.
Unfortunately it looks like a case of a legitimate and deserving victim but one who will probably never be fairly compensated due to lack of insurance.
It happens.
However, I was able to give this lady some very helpful information to help her pay the medical bills.
It did not take long and I was happy to help her.
We agree there was no need for me to get involved.
She got her questions answered.
She got helpful and practical information.
It cost her nothing.
Everybody gets a free consultation at my injury law firm.
The moral of the story– it is best to ask. It costs nothing to talk with me. I’ll give you the straight scoop.
Never be afraid to call my office and, in fact, I welcome your call.
As I have been advertising for almost 30 years now: ” It costs nothing to talk with me and I don’t get paid until you win.”

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