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Abortion Clinics Are Breeding Grounds for Medical Malpractice

Abortion clinic owner hires other doctors to treat the patients harmed in his clinic.

This story is so perverse you may have to read it twice to understand how anyone could do what this one individual did – hire doctors to fix abortions gone wrong in his clinic. It’s a chilling tale, and one that should make you think twice about using abortion clinics. Regardless of how you feel about abortion, it is an area where there is malpractice as well.

“MH” is in charge of an abortion facility, and in the past, hired abortionists with histories of medical malpractice charges. Recently, MH came under fire from pro-life advocates to do something about the doctors with medical negligence histories. He fired them but then hired two more doctors with similar histories to replace them. Their duties would be to provide emergency care to women injured at MH’s clinic.

MH does not have hospital privileges and requires a written exemption from the state Department of Health to keep his clinic open. He is also required to have signed contracts with other doctors who have hospital privileges to ensure that any of his patients who sustain complications from an abortion get the emergency care they need.

One of the doctors fired from MH’s clinic had been disciplined by the State of Kentucky for being responsible for the death of a wanted baby as the result of his negligence. The physician was banned from practicing obstetrics in Kentucky, at which point he moved to Ohio. Ohio publically reprimanded the man once they discovered his Kentucky history and found out he was attempting to pass himself off as board certified in obstetrics and gynecology.

The two replacements MH hired apparently have serious issues as well, mostly with medical negligence and incompetence, and other clinics where they have worked have been sued for medical malpractice. The lawsuits include a wrongful death suit. These histories alone should bar them from offering emergency medical care to women with life-threatening complications as a result of an abortion. To put women needing emergency care in the hands of doctors with histories of medical negligence simply defies logic.

To say this story makes you wonder what is wrong with people is an understatement. Women in the hands of doctors who do not know what they are doing exposes them to not only life-altering injuries but the risk of death. Where does behavior and ethics like this stop?

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