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A barrage of settlements

It is always a good feeling as an injury lawyer to give a client a settlement check.
In our legal system the only form of justice is money.
Money never, ever replaces what is lost, particularly if a client has sustained a catastrophic and life altering injury.
But life goes on and to the extent a strong financial recovery can make an injury victim’s life a little easier and manageable, it is worth the effort.
Life does not stop.
Bills continue to accrue.
Inflation roars. I don’t care what the government says about prices not rising. Everything except real estate is, in fact, increasing. We have inflation.

It seems like injury cases settle in bunches– always been that way.
Means we are getting the job done.

Sometimes the check clients receive sets them up for life.

If you or someone you care bout has suffered a personal injury, I would be honored to help.

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