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Sometimes the things we buy in the marketplace are dangerous, and cause injury or death. At Donahue Law we believe that any manufacturer or retailer, who places a defective or dangerous product into our homes or workplaces, should be held fully accountable and responsible for any and all resulting damages.

If you have suffered an injury due to a defective product, we can help you take the legal action needed to recover compensation. At Donahue Law Firm, we strongly believe that manufacturers and retailers who produce and sell defective products need to be held accountable when their products cause injury or harm to others. We are committed to working diligently on your behalf, and doing whatever we can ensure you recover maximum compensation!

Charlie Donahue is a people-lawyer, so if you have been injured by an unsafe, hazardous or defective product and want straight talk and honest answers, contact DONAHUE LAW FIRM now for FREE advice.