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If you or a loved one has been injured because of prescription drug malpractice or a medication error of any kind, it is important that you discuss your situation with an attorney as soon as possible. At the Donahue Law Firm we offer a free case evaluation to discuss your particular matter and determine how we can help you. New Hampshire medical malpractice lawyer Charles A. Donahue is the founder of our firm and has over 25 years of legal experience to back your case and provide you with excellent legal counsel.

Medication Errors and Medical Negligence in New Hampshire

Medication errors are one of the most common forms of medical negligence and malpractice. Most often these cases involve the wrong dosage amount or the wrong medicine. This may also occur when a medication is prescribed that reacts harmfully with another medication the patient is on, or if the patient is prescribed a medicine that he or she has a known allergy to. A medication error may occur due to illegible handwriting on a prescription slip, an error by a doctor in deciding which medicine to prescribe, pharmacy personnel filling the bottle with the wrong medicine, or a nurse administering the wrong drug or the right drug in the wrong dosage amount.

The consequences of prescription drug malpractice may range from minor side effects such as a headache to serious injuries and even death.

Contact a New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The sooner you take action and contact a medical malpractice lawyer, the better. It is important to begin an investigation into the situation before medical records are lost or witnesses forget important details about the incident. Prescription drug malpractice can cause disastrous results, and you deserve to have a lawyer on your side to represent your interests.

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