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I was injured in a car crash. How much does it cost to hire Donahue Law?
It costs nothing to meet with me, and I don’t get paid until you win. I work on commission. The better I do for you, the better I do for me.

If I make a claim for personal injuries, will I have to go to Court?
Even if a lawsuit is started, personal injury cases usually settle before the trial stage. The goal is to settle every case for maximum compensation without suit; however, your lawyer must be ready, willing and able to go to trial, if needed. To paraphrase Sun Tsu, one of history’s greatest military strategists: “A battle must be won before the hostilities begin”.

I was hurt in an automobile accident, what is my case worth?
The only honest answer is “it depends.” There is no specific formula or calculation for determining the value of a case. As your medical treatment unfolds it may become possible to give a range of value based upon liability, the nature of the injury, the extent to which it impacts a client’s life-style, and whether or not the injury is likely to be chronic or permanent.

If I take your case, that means I feel it’s worth it. Contact me to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation.

Do I need to hire an injury lawyer?
If you don’t need a lawyer, I’ll tell you…… I’d rather have your goodwill, than your money. If you can go it alone, I’ll give you a few free pointers, and send you on your way…… The danger, however, is some cases look small at the start and end up being serious. Sometimes the full extent of the injury takes time to develop. This is why it is wrong for the insurance company to ask you to settle soon after the accident. It is normal to want to save the cost of a lawyer, but don’t be “penny-wise and pound foolish.”

I was injured and want to know if I can trust the insurance company to make me a fair settlement offer?
In the old days, probably “yes.” These days, “no.” There are many decent folks in the insurance business, but there are some crooks, too. The job of the insurance company is to settle cases for as little as possible. They answer to stockholders. Its rules are made by corporate big shots. This is an adversarial system, so you should be protected at all times. The insurance has professional adjusters and lawyers in its corner. You deserve top-notch help in your corner, too.

Sometimes people try to handle a case on their own, hoping and trusting the insurance company will be fair. The result is usually heartache, disappointment and a case in turmoil.

It is best not to fool with your case. I don’t fix my car because I’m mechanically challenged, and would only make things worse. Likewise, you probably shouldn’t monkey around with a serious injury case. You only get one bite at the apple so call me for a free, no obligation consultation.

I hired the wrong injury lawyer; can I fire him and hire you?
Yes… If you are not satisfied, you can fire your lawyer at any time and for any reason. If you do not have confidence in your lawyer, you will always question the result. The lawyer-client relationship is very important. If you’re not on the same page, bad things happen. I’ve helped a lot of folks who started with someone else. The switch can be made without any extra cost to you. If you’re thinking of switching lawyers, call me for a free and confidential consultation.

By the way, I’ll be honest with you. If I feel your lawyer is doing a good job, and I can help you get on the right track with your current lawyer, I’ll help you do so. If it is best that you switch lawyers, I’ll take right over and make all the arrangements with your current lawyer to get your file.

Is it okay if I talk with the insurance adjuster before I hire an injury lawyer?
It is best you say nothing to the other guy’s insurance company until you talk with us first. Anything you say will not only be used against you, but far worse, could be twisted and misconstrued to hurt your case. Sometimes an unethical insurance adjuster will try to talk you out of hiring a lawyer. He or she might try to trick you into believing a good lawyer will not be able to get you anymore money than you could get yourself. Don’t believe that for a second. Think about it. The insurance company has lawyers in its corner, so should you.