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For those who have not lost someone they love as the result of a sudden, unexpected death and the death was caused by another person, they may not understand the concept of wrongful death. To put it as straightforward as possible, a wrongful death is the death of another that was caused by someone else’s negligence. In what circumstances would someone have a wrongful death claim?

Wrongful death cases, typically the bailiwick of a Manchester wrongful death lawyer, may arise as the result of any one of a number of situations. Horrific car wrecks would lead the list, followed by medical malpractice, construction injuries, product liability cases, fatal reactions to medication (prescribed or not) and animal attacks. The one key element that needs to be present in any of these situations is that the person who caused the event to happen was negligent and that because of that negligence, someone was killed.

More often than not, people who need a Manchester wrongful death lawyer; need one because they lost a loved family member in a twisted heap of metal on the highway. Typically, the accidents were the result of recklessness or carelessness by the other driver. In some cases, both drivers may be at fault, but this is something that needs to be determined by a skilled personal injury lawyer, who is involved with auto accident cases on a regular basis.

For families who have lost a beloved relative, as the result of the negligent actions of a medical health professional, it is possible to file a medical malpractice lawsuit for their failure to provide proper patient care; a negligent act that led to the death of the patient. The patient may have died as a result of a surgery gone wrong, a missed diagnosis or a failure to diagnose, a consequence of ER neglect or inaccurate diagnosis or medication errors.

Each case is different and each case is assessed individually by a Manchester wrongful death lawyer, as a vital part of case preparation. Medical malpractice cases are typically complex and complicated and this is why experienced legal counsel is needed to obtain a fair and equitable settlement.

Other areas in which wrongful death cases tend to occur are in product liability law, when a defective product kills someone and in premises law, when someone dies as a result of a dangerous hazard on someone’s property; property that is supposed to be safely maintained for visitors. When in doubt about the death of a loved one, make the first call to a Manchester wrongful death lawyer.

Compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit will in no way make up for the loss of a loved family member. It is not about greedy people wanting to punish another and get money. It is all about making the life of the survivors easier. They are the emotionally wounded, left behind to cope with a sudden and tragic death; they should not have to suffer financial ramifications as well.

While money is not a substitute for the person who was taken too soon, the reality of life is that life goes on and for life to go on, financial compensation is required. The other reality is that insurance money is generally involved and with the assistance of a skilled lawyer, the family has its best shot at getting everything it is entitled to receive under the law.