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Do you realize that the leading cause of death in America is auto accidents? In an average year, car wrecks take the lives over of 40,000 people. That’s a staggering statistic and one that tends to put personal injury law into perspective. It also means that most Americans will be involved in at least one accident during the course of their life. If you want to claim compensation for the injuries you sustain, you will need the skilled legal representation of a Manchester personal injury lawyer.

At least 115 people die every day behind the wheel of a vehicle and not only is the resulting cost of human lives difficult to justify, but the cost of collisions in insurance dollars and claims payouts is close to 150 billion dollars a year. Yes, 150 billion and for what? Wrecked metal? Wrecked lives?

Personal injury lawyers are there when people need them to go to bat for them, if they have been in an accident. While personal injury law does refer to more than just car wrecks, it is the one personal injury accident that most people are familiar with and will relate to being involved in one or know someone that has been in one.

The injuries sustained in a car wreck or other personal injury accident may run the gamut from whiplash to paralysis and from spinal cord injuries to traumatic brain injury. There is no limit to what may happen when steel meets steel at high rates of speed. Whether it’s a car versus car situation or car versus train or 18-wheeler, the end results of high speed impacts are usually catastrophic, life-altering injuries that only a Manchester personal injury lawyer can take to court and get justice in the form of fair compensation.

For those involved in a personal injury accident, don’t wait to call a Manchester personal injury lawyer. They have valuable advice to give on what needs to be done to ensure any lawsuit filed will have the information it needs to move forward to settlement or jury verdict.

Be aware that in any personal injury accident, it is vital that the injuries are linked to the accident in all medical records. Don’t wait too long for medical care either, as the longer the period of time between the accident and treatment, the harder it is to prove the injuries are related to an accident and not some other event.

If a personal injury case does go to trial, the damages most often sought are for loss of wages and property, the costs of medical care, pain and suffering, compensation for loss of enjoyment of life, for loss of consortium, for lost wages, for future lost wages and for disability. The list of compensable injuries is fairly long and decided on a case by case basis and evaluated by your Manchester personal injury lawyer.