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Who cares?

I don’t care what your politics are, or if you are mired in apathy– couldn’t care less.
I understand political apathy.
With few exceptions we have been lied to by both political parties.
So we say ” why bother?”

Well, we need to care, even a little bit.
Recently our government passed the NDAA, national defense authorization act.
Under the guise– smoke and mirrors– of protecting the country against terrorism, our leaders imposed martial law on we the people.

Google NDAA
Only Senator and future president, Rand Paul ( son of Dr Ron Paul), and a few others fought the effort— to no avail.

Every good citizen understands the importance of defending the country.
But the power just given to the president and the military to arrest and detain US citizens based upon suspicion totally undermines, if not voids, the Bill of Rights.
That is a big deal.

The indefinite detention of American citizens, without the right to a lawyer and legal defense, let alone the right to a speedy trial, is something that should concern all of us.

And this law was actually signed by the president who supposedly cares about civil liberties.
The law is so incredible the president appended a letter to the law saying he wouldn’t follow it.
Why did he not reject it?

We need to demand more of our leaders– no matter what their political affiliation.
We need more political parties to broaden the debate.

As an injury lawyer and one who has seen the law and legal system at work for many decades, I am saddened by the erosion of our civil liberties.
We have leaders who want to impose our values of freedom and liberty on others across the globe– even if they don’t want them– while at the same time diminish and restrict the same on we the people.

Take a few seconds to Google the NDAA.

We need not as a country follow the example of the former Soviet Union.

In many areas of our lives we are all to willing to give our public servants ( leaders) the power to regulate us out of our liberty.

Thanks for reading!
Keep your strength.

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