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What’s this Senator doing?


Did you hear the latest?

It is reported that US Senator Dennis Kuchinich of Ohio is suing some companies because he bit into a sandwich that had an olive pit.

I think this happened at the Capitol Building, but I’m not sure.

The report said he’s asking for $150,000.00.

My initial reaction to this personal injury case is: Give me a break.

He better have some serious injuries to ask for that kind of money.

The injury law business gets enough bad press without our law-makers engaging in this kind of thing.

I don’t know the facts, so I reserve judgment.

But, I must admit, even as an injury lawyer, I am skeptical.

I’m concerned about hurting the image of a field that is already tarnished.

Then again, maybe the injury law business has been brought down so low by some of our own players that one more crazy-sounding case makes no difference.

We’ll see.


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